6 Community Building (EN)

Community Building

You build a page on Facebook and ask your own friends on the social media to like it too. Great! You get 200-300 likes and is happy. But in vain, because the goal was thus by far not reached. Even more, it just missed a lot, as you do not want to engage with your friends, but with potential patients!

The SANASOFT team takes care of your specific target group. Which Facebook and Twitter users are the right ones? Or maybe better on Instagram, it’s growing right now? We have answers, and we look forward to your questions.


Integration between practice software and newsletter

Automatic database synchronization

Design CI-compliant, flexible structure


Flyers, posters, business cards, stationery

personalized envelopes & more

Facebook Ads

Oriented towards target groups and profiles

geographic relevance

Google AdWords

Marketing is not for everyone – No! It is very easy.

We’ll show you how to use AdWords & take over

part of your online marketing strategy.