Patient Management Software

Paperless doctor’s practice automation

Device independent: MacBook, Windows, Linux

Process optimization in the medical practice


IHE, DICOM, XML, GDT interfaces

Own hardware development for atypical devices

Scanner & peripherals, digital signature, webcam

Cash Register

Financial module, law-compliant cash register

Automatic export to tax consultants

Financial overview and control, admonition system

Digital Identity

Logo, web and print design, business cards

Websites, Domain & E-Mail, Hosting

Online Presence, Photo & Video, Set-Up Social Media

Reputation Management

Protect and improve reputation on social media

Damage Control, Search Engine Optimization

Implementation of online marketing strategies

Community Building

Content publishing

Increase follow up numbers on social media

Engagement in Google, Facebook, Twitter & others

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At Sanasoft, I appreciate the flexibility of the system, the ability to customize and adapt to my own needs, and good telephone support.

Dr. Michael Kisser
Dr. Michael Kisser Specialist in surgery and visceral surgery

At Sanasoft I like the fact that I can draw and edit on the pictures I took of my patients, as well as the simplicity of the software. Furthermore, the trust in the company in terms of patient data security and technical support throughout day and night are very important to me.

Dr. Sylvia Holle-Robatsch
Dr. Sylvia Holle-Robatsch Specialist in dermatology and vascular diseases

A few of our Customers

Prof. Zechner Werner Sanasoft
Dr. Schwarz Sanasoft
Dr. Mathe Karwandgar
Dr. Ronaldo Füstös
Dr. Johannes Schnabl
Dr. Astrid Wolf-Magele
Dr. Edith Gindl
Dr. Michael Kisser
Dr. Sylvia Holle-Robatsch


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