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At Sanasoft, I appreciate the flexibility of the system, the ability to customize and adapt to my own needs, and good telephone support.

Dr. Michael Kisser
Dr. Michael Kisser Specialist in surgery and visceral surgery

At Sanasoft I like the fact that I can draw and edit on the pictures I took of my patients, as well as the simplicity of the software. Furthermore, the trust in the company in terms of patient data security and technical support throughout day and night are very important to me.

Dr. Sylvia Holle-Robatsch
Dr. Sylvia Holle-Robatsch Specialist in dermatology and vascular diseases


During the times when Tudor Ples and Simion Hurghis had studied together at the Vienna University of Technology, they had already founded an IT company, CYREX, out of the passion for technical solutions. The two founders provided small and medium enterprises with development services, web presence, infrastructure acquisition and configuration as well as web-design.

Among their customers, there were also physicians who needed web presence, and especially a good patient management software. Among the patient management software solutions available on the market, very few had been developed for the current needs of the physician.

Decision was taken, the work began.

The SANASOFT team during TU times, with initial drafts of the software.

The team behind SANASOFT was the first to develop the software UX. Together with motivated doctors and the SANASOFT team, a new standard for modern patient management software has been defined and implemented.

The new technology drastically accelerates the entire procedure and the data processing takes place within instantly. For example, basic functionalities take only a third of the average time they use to take in other environments, which saves the physician a lot of time.

Even children can easily operate the software. This is not necessarily a criterion that the software is very easy to use, but analysts can even confirm that doctors achieve outstanding clarity.

Can software be elegant? SANASOFT proves it. High functionality meets holistic design and, in addition to appealing aesthetics, also brings clarity for the user. For the first time ever, even patients have the opportunity to check data in a clear and clearly presented form, both in their medical documentation and during the course of treatment.

Another advantage is the intuitive user interface, which supports self-taught learning, ensures self-reliance in the management of patients and at the same time reduces the teaching effort by up to 300 percent.

In addition, physicians have the opportunity to customize documents, treatment steps and process structures. This increases the efficiency and optimizes the processes in the medical practice. This is not only new, but also offered for the first time through the SANASOFT technology, whereas individualization knows no limits.

Greatest effort is invested into security. Every doctor receives a globally unique key. With this it is only possible for him with his computer to access the medical data. With standardized data protection and encryption in a stable system of hardware and software, sensitive patient data becomes immune to abuse of any kind.

Where SANASOFT relieves its customers from a lot of work is all the accounting and bureaucratic matters. Automated processes independently generate the necessary documents. These are digitally exportable and password protected. The time gained here? Incomparable.

As well as the support from the side of the team. SANASOFT offers direct communication, remote maintenance, online updates and a professional feedback management system. This allows physicians to easily stay in touch with the knowledgeable support team to get answers and voice concerns. Only in this way can satisfaction be guaranteed or software adapted to individual needs be meaningfully further developed.

An important feature of SANASOFT is that it works interoperably. This means that peripheral devices and medical devices can be integrated via existing interfaces, and data can be directly imported and processed. Getting rid of additional hardware and software saves a time up to an incredible rate of 400 to 700 percent.

The choice is easy. And what sounds simple is also reflected in the use-case. A clear interface reduced to the essential allows the user to quickly become familiar with the possibilities of the software. Discover together with us the future of patient management. Try SANASOFT in the demo version.