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Technology is recreated every day anew.

Nowadays, a good patient management software is almost a must for physicians.

Among the patient management software solutions available on the market, very few are created using the latest technology.

Our team believes in a new way of managing patients: mobile (customers should be able to have the software with them at all times), always accessible (not dependent on the Internet connection) and secure (data should be updated with the latest technology, encrypted and secured).

Our goal is to simplify our customers’ lives and gain time for them through the modern technological possibilities.

The software solutions are simple and stable. With our hardware solutions developed in-house, we create seamless interfaces between computers and medical devices of all kinds. Doctors use SANASOFT everywhere (in a train station, in the train, in a restaurant, at home, during surgery, etc.) and have access to it regardless of the Internet connection. Their data is encrypted with globally unique keys.


each software window has explanations
descriptions, videos or instructions


can be sent at any step with one click
it includes screenshots with comments and questions

Treatment phases

custom & configurable
keyboard shortcuts, predefined customizable content


integration with the Austrian Pharmacist Association
interactions, indications, incompatibilities

Automatic updates

the software runs locally on your computer
new updates are installed automatically in the background

Image management

assign images to each patient
directly from the computer or mobile phone
capacity for an infinite number of pictures

Drawing tool

Draw on any image with any
drawing tools: injection, scalpel, pen
and many more


data valuation and presentation, dashboard
statistics & business intelligence
strategy recommendations included


Law conformed cash register installed
automatic export for the tax consultant
administration of digital billable


synchronization with the waiting room
patient treatment from the calendar

Data backup

configuration, automated backup
all data (including external software)
NAS, Wi-Fi, infrastructure & peripherals


each document is created as desired
content, colors, structure, brand, social kit
Tailor-made integration of the picture material


sample collection and patient assignment
customized templates for every label type
for laboratories or medical practices


many years of experience in data security in the team
data encryption and storage
network security (VPN, Firewall, Wi-Fi)

Data migration

experience with migration of databases in general use
patient data, documents and all data relevant for the treatment are taken over


embedding of personalized and certified templates
patients sign the forms digitally
own suggestions from our legal partners



 78,75 / month

cancel monthly

all features

every OS (Win, Mac, Lnx)

support & updates included

Prices are net


€ 105,00 / month 

cancel monthly

all features
every OS (Win, Mac, Lnx)

support & updates included

Prices are net

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At Sanasoft, I appreciate the flexibility of the system, the ability to customize and adapt to my own needs, and good telephone support.

Dr. Michael Kisser
Dr. Michael Kisser Specialist in surgery and visceral surgery

At Sanasoft I like the fact that I can draw and edit on the pictures I took of my patients, as well as the simplicity of the software. Furthermore, the trust in the company in terms of patient data security and technical support throughout day and night are very important to me.

Dr. Sylvia Holle-Robatsch
Dr. Sylvia Holle-Robatsch Specialist in dermatology and vascular diseases